Save Your Family From the Stress of Probate With The Help Of Fives & Associates

Fives & Associates in Wexford can help you plan your estate

Fives & Associates in Wexford can help you plan your estate

The only time it’s too late to start preparing your end of life documents is after you’re gone. Don’t make your family go through the exhausting probate process, let the attorney at Fives & Associates help you plan for your estate.

End of life documents cover more than just the distribution of your assets, they also help:
• Name the person who will administer your estate
• Determine who will make medical/legal decisions for you if you’re incapacitated
• Identify you will care for your minor children

Fives & Associates in Wexford will walk you through the entire estate planning process and help you draft your will and trust.

Our attorney can also represent you during probate in the event that your loved one passed without a valid will or the documents are being contested by a family member. Fives & Associates will help you obtain the initial letters of administration from the court, file inheritance and federal estate tax if needed and prepare any other legal documentation necessary.

Don’t let the confusing estate planning and probate laws stop you from preparing your documents or properly distributing your loved ones estate – get help by scheduling an initial consultation with Fives & Associates today!