Fives & Associates Knows You’re Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Pick our aggressive attorney for superior criminal defense

Pick our aggressive attorney for superior criminal defense

Whether a night of drinking turned into a night behind bars or you were arrested for theft, you need an aggressive attorney to keep your consequences to a minimum. Ramifications from a criminal conviction can last a lifetime and stop you from voting, legally owning a gun or getting a job.

Don’t let a mistake you made today cost you future success – schedule a consultation with Fives & Associates in Wexford. We’ll look at your criminal case from the moment you were contacted by the police up until you were bailed out of jail to pinpoint any mistakes we can use in your defense. Our attorney can help you with a variety of cases, including:
• Juvenile issues
• Theft
• Drugs

Count on Fives & Associates in Wexford, PA, when you need a superior legal defense to keep your criminal charges to a minimum. Schedule your initial consultation right now by calling our Wexford office at 412-281-0200.

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